Welcome to Epiphany Ministries!

God's people at Epiphany Lutheran Church have by the power and will of God, provided a place for you to hear God's Word and live your Christian faith. In worship, God is truly present bringing many to Christ and His glorious presence. Through Christian education we grow strong and firm in faith of Jesus death and resurrection! In Christ-devoted service we desire to lend a helping and caring hand. As you search us out and use this web-page please communicate your desires and needs.

Mission Statement

To communicate and convey Christ by preaching and teaching, and administration of the sacraments bringing Him to the people of Epiphany and Eau Claire through the office of the Holy Ministry, that others may be included and nurtured in the Christian faith that God's called people would be able to stand faithful until our Lord's return.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see people trained and aware of the need for trust and communication of the ministry entrusted to Epiphany creating a community of believers in Christ where Jesus is openly seen as present and alive so others may be included in His kingdom and nurtured and strengthened in the one true faith.